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NORBIT 2014 For more Solutions visit velocity 13 The iMU Dixon is referring to is sensonor's sTiM300, a Micro Electromechanical systems (MEMs) device for weight and size constrained environments, replacing previous bulky and cumbersome systems. "The finished product is vastly simpler for an end customer to install," says Dixon. "instead of having a totally separate iNs system to plug in alongside the existing items like the computers and multibeam, all of the navigation equipment is directly and invisibly embedded into the multibeam equipment. it's like going from an aftermarket GPs glued to the dash- board to a built-in unit." Bathymetry 101 bathymetry is the marine equivalent of topography and it generally involves the use of a sonar transducer that transmits a sound pulse from the surface and records the returning signal as it bounces back from the bottom. bathymetric surveys need to be completed within a reasonably short period of time in order It's been said that bathymetry is one of the world's oldest professions. If so, the study of lake and seafl oor depths has just taken a long-awaited and historic step forward. Two innovative partner companies— NORBIT Subsea and NovAtel ® —have, for the fi rst time ever, integrated GNSS and a MEMS-based inertial navigation system within a single, self-contained sonar unit. Figure 2: The NORBIT WBMS. 2

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