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ARTICLES Technology in Action An engineering team describes the development and testing of a GNSS/inertial system that uses relative navigation techniques. Precision Agriculture Deep integration of NovAtel and Stara technologies brings custom, flexible solutions to the precision farming market. GNSS Denial Spoofing and jamming examined. Positioning and Timing for Mining Applications Flander's advanced mining technology facilitates quick recovery of investment costs and drill control in Arizona open pit copper mine. Chinese Driver Evaluation Innovative "driving examination system" helps the national police agency responsible for issuing drivers licenses in China. Lean Manufacturing Efficient supply chain and product development processes essential to quick delivery and customer flexibility. ACHIEVING CUSTOMER DELIGHT: THE NOVATEL WAY 15 15 22 28 30 22 36 40 30 49 36 SOLUTIONS Icons reflecting the solutions at work. Anti-Jamming Nullifies GPS jammers attempting to overpower the satellite signals used in the calculation of position. Signal monitoring augmentation Integrity monitoring systems are used to detect changes or anomalies in satellite signals. smooth positioning trajectory Smoothing of GNSS epoch to epoch data for applications requiring high repeatability and availability. attitude Provides information about an object's orientation with respect to the horizontal plane and true north. Positioning GNSS positioning anywhere in the world, any time of day. Timing GNSS satellites provide the world's most precise and stable source of time measurements. Heading Calculates where an object is pointing with respect to true north. Also referred to as yaw in inertial navigation systems. Relative positioning Determines position or the horizontal and vertical distances relative to another object's location. velocity Provides speed and direction of an object as well as the relative speed of objects. For more Solutions visit http:/ / 2013 velocity 5

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