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GNSS-Aided Mining "The ability to use both GPS and GLONASS is critical for open pit mining, since the higher number of GNSS signal sources increases the probability of being able to determine a solution while in a deep pit, with its restricted view of the sky," he says. The ProPak-V3's design makes it highly reliable when equipment is powered up at the start of a shift, Treadaway says. Furthermore, the unit's design allows the antenna and receiver to be located separately. This provides much more flexibility in placement, more physical and environmental protection of the most expensive components, and greater ease of maintenance. The multi-constellation DL-V3s are better suited for base station duty than mounting on the drills, as far as Flanders is concerned. "The DL-V3 is used whenever we provide a base station and is excellent at filling that role," Treadaway says. "Because of the complexities of GNSS and radio in many mine pits, positioning systems have proven to be an Achilles' Heel of the automation system; so, we have developed special activities centered around this product." These include using a DL-V3 for mobile field work to collect on-site coordinates for use in deriving ARDVARC's own local coordinate con- version algorithms, if required. Also, Flanders has used it to validate the conversion algorithm, whether provided by the mine or derived by Flanders' system. In blast hole drilling operations, success at the tip of the drill is everything. NovAtel and Flanders engineers have worked closely together to develop OEM solutions that solve the multitude of equipment and environmental challenges that affect safety of life, efficiency, and profitability within the demanding, highstakes mining industry. 1. TOP rigHT: The NovAtel ProPak-V3 positioning system includes a single "full feature" ProPak-V3RT2-G and a "heading" ProPak-V3-G-Z, each connected to their own GPS-702-GG antenna. 2. BOTTOM LeFT: Three ProPak-V3 GNSS subsystems await final cabling, configuration and testing. 3. BOTTOM rigHT: The ARDVARC control center allows monitoring of up to five ARDVARC-enabled drills. Autonomous drill operation improves drill safety and productivity. Image credits: Flanders For more Solutions visit http:/ / 2013 velocity 35

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