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GNSS-Aided Mining Library of Congress NASA water drainage, while a relatively flat bench reduces machine wear. Flanders and ARDVARC® Flanders Inc., is an Evansville, Indiana–based privately owned, third-generation manufacturer of motors, power systems, and automation solutions used in industrial operations around the world. Flanders developed its ARDVARC (Advanced Rotary Drill Vector Automated Radio Control) kit to give mine operators reliable, consistent automated drilling capabilities to ensure quality control. The advanced drilling system relies on NovAtel's GNSS receiver technology for ultra-precise positioning of drill holes —a major factor in optimizing the processing of mined materials. Jarrid Cima, manager of software development for Flanders, points out that the development of the ARDVARC system was driven by two factors. The first is safety: if no human operator is physically operating the drill onboard, it avoids exposure to an unsafe, collapse-prone environment. The second is productivity: an improvement of up to 30 percent can be realized. The ARDVARC system's built-in intelligence is engineered to optimize machine movements and drill positioning. Above all, the system can be used to optimize a mine's operational profitability. It stores data related to the amount of energy required to create each blast hole. The data is then used to refine blasting procedures and optimize fragmentation of the materials being mined, which in turn affects the rest of the mining process. The ARDVARC operator can call up an overhead view of the drill and X cursors indicating the location of nearby target hole coordinates and the current drill steel location (Figure 2). For most of the ARDVARC kits deployed, Figure 1: Local horizon (obstructed due to mine's highwall) based on satellite tracking data recorded on a drill. The local horizon is up to 33 degrees from east to south-east sectors. Figure 2: ARDVARC operator's display showing the hole pattern and the drill location (left plot) and a screen for fine navigation to the hole (right screen). For more Solutions visit http:/ / 2013 velocity 31

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