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editorial Ò Customer ROI fulfilling the Ó = NovAtel ROI promise of positioning Actions speak louder than words. T Ò Customer success = NovAtel success Ó —Michael Ritter, CEO and President at NovAtel For more Solutions visit http:/ / his inaugural issue of VELOCITY celebrates the remarkable results that can be achieved when NovAtel's customers and engineers collaborate to push the boundaries of what is possible in positioning and navigation. As a true OEM supplier, our job is to deliver GNSS innovations that help make our customers leaders in the marketplace. This means that every day we think about how we can best help our customers to do more, better. We are committed to making precise positioning ubiquitously available, easy to use, and ready to integrate for all customers, regardless of their size, industry or application. We achieve this by listening to our partners, understanding the markets in which they operate and analyzing their specific business needs, very precisely. We continually develop new solutions and applications that ensure a well-aligned product mix to meet both technical demands and the competitive business challenges facing our current and future customers. NovAtel's legacy of innovation stems from our long-practiced commitment of investing 30% of our revenue back into Research and Development. And by recruiting and retaining the best talent in the industry, we are able to continually improve our design and development processes that allow freedom and flexibility, creative thinking and exploration. As market drivers shift and new ones emerge, we endeavor to anticipate the direction and pace of future positioning needs— and the solutions necessary to satisfy them. So, we'll keep pushing on the edges of discovery and research to deliver increasingly effective products, with future-proofed features and capabilities, while keeping a keen eye trained on our customers. Because when ideas and capabilities—human and technical—combine to deliver true innovation for our customers, we are all fulfilling the promise of positioning, together. 2013 velocity 3

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