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Kerkyra velocity 2014 For more Solutions visit 32 Conversely, the race offered the NovAtel team a chance to experience their company's products from a perspective more like a cus- tomer's. NovAtel creates products that custom- ers integrate into end user solutions, making the team one layer removed from the end ap- plication, Thistle says. It's important for the team to actually use the technology, because it gives them a better feel for what the end user experiences and how that experience can be improved. Thistle says, "This venture gave us a great op- portunity to remember what it can be like to try to install and run equipment in environments that are not always easy. It's very different from working in a lab on horizontal surfaces with good power supplies. We were dealing with salt spray, boats moving, and people trampling over cables." This experience also helped the NovAtel team to appreciate the amount of data their equip- ment provides and how to extract and apply that data optimally for a specific application. Getting Started This wasn't the first time an employee applied a GNSS application to a hobby. In 2011, Applica- tions Engineer, Andrew Levson, incorporated two GNSS antennas and dual-frequency receiv- ers into a specially tailored skydiving wingsuit 1 . Why? He wanted to see if GNSS technology could help skydivers improve their performance. He planned to set new Canadian records for both distance and formation flying, and with his wingsuit jumps, he intended to prove NovAtel's OEM615™ receiver and ALIGN® heading tech- nology would provide accurate positioning, head- ing and velocity measurements to help him train and achieve those goals. This day-long wingsuit jump inspired This- tle to fuse GNSS with his passion for sailing. Sailing technology continues to evolve, and GNSS and inertial measurements are starting to play a role in the sport, specifically in high- end races like America's Cup Race where the Right: Kerkyra crossing the fnish line at Telegraph Cove on the 5th leg. Photo courtesy of the Van Isle 360 race committee. below: Field support. NovAtel's CTO, Pat Fenton, performing some checks on the NovAtel GNSS receivers and inertial measurement units. The equipment operated around the clock for up to two days at a time on the longer legs. Right: Yacht Race or Fishing Derby? Stuck in the Strait of Georgia without a breath of wind on Leg 2 of the race, the crew revised their tactics and landed a Pacifc Cod for dinner. 1. For more info/full article go to: in-action/wingsuit/

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