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automated parking velocity 2014 For more Solutions visit 28 With the SPAN system, the number of mislocated vehicles is signifcantly reduced, cutting the time spent reviewing vehicle data from 4-5 hours to 1-2 hours. mended that the CPA add the NovAtel SPAN technology GNSS+INS navigation system to the digital chalking and LPR system as a way to minimize the potential for multipath errors. SPAN combines a GNSS with an Integrated Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to bridge GNSS outages for more reliable positioning in challenging environments such as urban can- yons. The SPAN-enabled GNSS performance with integrated inertial measurements allows for faster signal reacquisition and faster return to a fixed integer carrier phase solution after sig- nal outage. For Bill Franklin, president of Tan- nery Creek Systems, the practical user benefits are substantial. He says, "The Novatel SPAN GPS provides amazing accuracy even in harsh deep urban canyons with brutal multipath con- ditions. We typically see real time accuracy well less than 20 metres even in the toughest of con- ditions. It's amazing technology." In a different project Tannery Creek used post processing, performed by NovAtel's Way- point Inertial Explorer ® package, to more ac- curately position vehicles in brutal downtown urban canyons. But the real time accuracy led Tannery to recommend the SPAN solution for use in Calgary. Franklin commented, "We had tested the SPAN system in another city and were im- pressed with accuracy even before post-pro- cessing. We believed the addition of the SPAN system could map 98% of a city such as Calgary with greater accuracy and better results, namely fewer multipath errors, thus a greater number of vehicles properly located during parking en- forcement checks—and therefore less time spent staring at a screen." The CPA agreed to test the SPAN system on one of its parking enforcement vehicles in early 2013. Dyck recalls, "The difference was immedi- ately visible. After piloting the system for sev- eral weeks, we were able to cut our unregistered plates from 7% to about 1%." Easy Implementation Three months after installing the SPAN sys- tem on the first parking enforcement vehicle, the CPA purchased three more SPAN solutions to be installed on the remaining three city- based parking enforcement vehicles. In one day, parking enforcement officers captured almost 10,000 parked vehicles. Out of those 10,000, fewer than 300 vehicle positions were dropped or mislocated. The addition of the SPAN system has had unexpected benefits to the CPA in the way the parking enforcement training program is imple- mented. In the past, parking enforcement offi- cers have had to have considerable familiarity about the downtown area in order to properly post-process the parking data and assess the ve- hicle locations, especially given the previous multipath error issues. " " The Novatel SPAN GPS provides amazing accuracy even in harsh deep urban canyons with brutal multipath conditions. SPAN GNSS+INS navigation system with digital chalking minimizes multipath errors during parking enforcement activities.

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