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editorial 2014 For more Solutions visit velocity 3 A ccuracy is no longer enough. The reliable availabil- ity of positioning–anywhere and anytime—has become more than a lofty ambition or the aspira- tion of demanding end users. It is the standard, now and into the future, for precise positioning— no matter the application and no matter the sensor—or, increas- ingly, the fusion of sensors—that delivers it. A solution in the box is also no longer enough. Anytime, anywhere positioning must deliver in the field, often against an operational backdrop of environmental interference—both intentional and unin- tentional. Jamming and spoofing threats demand ever more robust, always-available solutions to ensure that mission-critical and safety- of-life applications deliver the results for which they are intended. As applications and solutions that incorporate precise position- ing become more complex, as the technology is ever more fully and seamlessly integrated into larger systems, end users are at risk of becoming further removed from its providers. Therefore, we be- lieve that solution providers must offer a guiding hand to support stakeholders in the evolving and elongating GNSS value chain. NovAtel is committed to knowledge engineering–promoting in- formed awareness among users of precise positioning about our products' features, technical capabilities, and assured performance. Whether end-user solutions are contributed by design engineers and product developers, system integrators, service providers, distribu- tors, or resellers, our goal is to inform and simplify a marketplace and technology ecosystem rife with complexity. Here, NovAtel's goal is to provide technical clarity in matters frequently obscured by ad- vanced product designs or operational requirements. Ultimately, GNSS itself will no longer be enough. Ubiquitous positioning requires multi-sensor fusion that can exponentially increase availability. To continually push performance thresholds, NovAtel spends 30 percent of its annual revenue on research and development—and we're committed to integrating or enabling as many positioning methodologies as necessary to meet our custom- ers' needs. Our goal is to make multi-sensor fusion easy and affordable, to take the burden of integrating these technologies off the shoulders of our customers. In this shared endeavor, we strive to deliver the technical capabilities with which you, our current and future part- ners in positioning, can create solutions that deliver value and suc- cess to your customers—anytime, anywhere. Anytime. Anywhere. Precision positioning is becoming truly ubiquitous. " " Novatel is commited to knowledge engineering .

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