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NORBIT 2014 For more Solutions visit velocity 15 iMU in the sTiM300 and NovAtel demonstrat- ed its potential in its sPAN system, Norbit could see the sonar unit they had always wanted to cre- ate was now possible. "it was a matter of time," Eriksen says. "Look- ing at the GNss sector, those units just keep getting cheaper and cheaper, and smaller and smaller. With motion sensors as well, the gap was narrowing." "We did look at different options, but for our mulitibeam sonar, the NovAtel solution came out on top. This is the first fully MEMs-based system of this type, and it came with a reasonable price tag," says Eriksen. "NovAtel's oEM technologies provide us with robust, compact solutions to further enhance our offerings to our customers. Through this collaboration, we are opening new possibilities and industry-changing innovation which will set us apart and benefit the people who use our equipment." In deep ryan Dixon says an advantage for NovAtel when creating a GNss+iNs solution from one of its GNss boards is that the company's engineers un- derstand, in the minutest detail, how those GNss boards function. "We have access to every bit of information, and what this allows us to do is cre- ate a much more robust solution in all respects." Figure 5: NORBIT Subsea Magnus Andersen fi ts a seagoing kayak for bathymetric surveying. Figure 6: 3D Hillshade image of the Columbia River upstream of The Dalles Dam, Oregon. Depths between 4m and 76m below water level. When GNss conditions are poor, he says— "for a marine application that would be in a container yard for example, we are able to maintain stable and accurate performance, tracking a very limited number of satellites. Conversely the iNs solution can be used to constrain GNss errors by rejecting degraded signals. That's a unique ability of our GNss boards." A key collaborator for both NorbiT and NovAtel has been seahorse Geomatics, a leading hydrographic support company headed by Mike Mutschler. Eriksen says he met Mutschler several years ago when they both worked for the same company. When Mutschler left that company to found sea- horse, and Eriksen went to work for NorbiT, the two continued to collaborate. between them they offer over 35 years of industry ex- perience. Today, seahorse Geomatics is the NovAtel ma- rine sPAN dealer worldwide. They are also the North American dealer for NorbiT and a key partner providing services world wide. Much of the initial phase evaluation and testing of the new NorbiT sonar system was carried out by Mike Mutschler and his team at seahorse. Mutschler explains: "seahorse Geomatics was contacted by NorbiT in 2012 to provide a prac- tical bathymetric surveying context for the devel- 5 6 Photos courtesy of Subsea Norbit.

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