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velocity 2014 For more Solutions visit 12 Knowing how deep the water is under one's vessel has been a must for safe navigation for thousands of years. With the rise of maritime trade and naval warfare, highly valuable and strategic charts derived from seafloor mapping became close- ly guarded secrets. Today, governments, militaries, telecommunications and petroleum companies, academic institutions and many more continue to chart the seafloor for a variety of reasons. The stage thus set, enter NorbiT's new iWbMsc mulitbeam sonar, featuring NovAtel's synchronized Position Attitude Navigation (sPAN) system. "There are really three major components here," explains NovAtel's ryan Dixon. "The inertial Measurement Unit (iMU) is manufactured by sensonor. NovAtel manufactures the GNss and interface cards, and the real technology element that NovAtel provides is the sPAN system, an in- ertial Navigation solution (iNs) using both GNss and the sensonor iMU. NorbiT then makes the multibeam sensors, which incorporate all of these components." Photos courtesy of Norbit Subsea. sounding depths Norbit Subsea sonar revolution the 1 Figure 1: The USS Wingina, photo and scan.

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